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Bespoke housing supply to meet local need.

  • Are you experiencing: Increased homelessness?
  • Stalled supply of affordable accommodation?
  • Rent arrears?
  • We have the solution and can provide:
  • Fit-for-purpose, good quality homes
  • Assessment of both residential and commercial spaces
  • Innovative finance models


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Mears Housing Management specialises in full tenancy, property and lease management services. Our approach to collaborative working enables us to develop the best solution for an area’s needs, expertly considering available resources, assets, budgets and timeframes. 


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Private sector leasing

Purchase and repair schemes

Temporary modular housing

Transformation of unused assets

Stock rationalisation

Stock acquisition


Housing stability

spells success for



               and councils.

Private Sector Leasing – Discharge of duty HALS, HALD
Overcoming barriers to successful housing.

  • Working for low-income households
  • Keeping landlords’ interests at heart
  • Reducing costs for councils


Mears Housing Management is the largest private sector provider of leased accommodation in the UK. We work with over 50 local authorities to provide much needed housing to low income households who are  frequently faced with barriers when looking for a new home, like being excluded by traditional letting agents or unable to secure the deposit or guarantee before moving in.

Our schemes enable us to access this much needed, privately rented accommodation, where we acquire properties for households in need for a fixed period. We work with a range of landlords, taking care of the day to day tenancy and property management, relieving landlords of some of the associated pressures and reducing the administration costs for councils managing multiple landlords themselves.


  • Emergency temporary accommodation
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Discharge of housing duty


Purchase and repair schemes
Long term sustainable solutions

Our purchase and repair scheme provides solutions for LA, wishing to provide accommodation for their homeless tenants

Using our not-for-profit providers, the scheme has been designed to acquire significant quantities of housing stock at affordable rents through a robust legal and financial model. Not only do we bring each acquired property up to Decent Homes Standard within agreed timescales and at a guaranteed price, but we also manage and maintain them at this level. The local authority retains the nomination rights.

Applying a JV model allows the JV to finance, acquire, manage and maintain property portfolios over various terms. Our solution utilises private placement bond finance and can cover purchase of housing stock, refurbishment works and all associated fees. We will deliver the project utilising our dedicated purchase and repair department, including:

  • A full time sales progression team, in-house property buyers and acquisitions specialists
  • A panel of pre-qualified external conveyancers, independent RICS surveyors and valuers
  • In-house multi-trade maintenance operatives to carry out all the required refurbishment work


Temporary modular housing
The housing of the future is here.

Temporary modular builds provide flexibility, thanks to rapid deployment and a range of options. Homes can be safely, securely and sustainably constructed on land without medium-­term plans for development – they’re even reusable. Potential benefits include generating rent from unused land, reducing security costs and antisocial behaviour, and improving the aesthetics of an area.

Some of the highlights of modular units:

  • Cost-effective family housing
  • Range of housing units with one, two or three bedrooms
  • Delivers a local solution, enabling people to maintain existing jobs and keep children in their schools
  • Quality temporary solution until long-term accommodation is available
  • Can be scaled to meet demand
  • No upfront capital required


The possibilities are endless, and they begin with Mears.

Transformation of unused assets
Existing resources can build communities

Redundant, commercial or non-domestic buildings that drain resources can serve a benefit to the community again through conversion to housing stock.

We provide a fully funded end-­to-­end service, whereby we:

  • Help you identify suitable non-domestic stock
  • Survey, assess and validate potential additional usage
  • Design and plan conversion
  • Create the commercial model
  • Arrange funding
  • Refurbish and manage


Mears Housing Management has worked with Hounslow Council to convert a disused church into a 40-­‐unit homeless hostel, which places single females with children in appropriate accommodation.

Mears Housing Management also manages and maintains the building for the Council on a 5-year lease agreement. A former cornerstone of this community has been restored with an entirely new purpose.

Stock Rationalisation – options to consider
Your most problematic properties could be your biggest asset.

In the current economic climate, social housing providers are increasingly considering whether or not they should be rationalising their stock ownership/management as part of their asset management strategies. Social housing providers often inherit legacy housing portfolios that incorporate properties that are geographically isolated, no longer aligned to the organisation’s strategy or exceedingly expensive to maintain. Rationalising stock may increase efficiencies and improve the service provided to customers.

We can provide a lease model for problematic stock, giving you time to develop long-term asset management strategy whilst driving savings.

Stock Acquisition – acquisition of existing stock
We’ll take that unwanted property off your hands.

  • Not constrained by volume
  • Interested in locations nationally
  • Existing tenancy guaranteed


Given the current economic climate, social housing providers are looking at how to optimise the return on their assets so that they meet the needs of their tenants.

Mears Housing Management proposes to utilise our two not-for-profit registered providers, Plexus and Omega Housing, to purchase and acquire stock across the UK. We are interested in stock nationally and not constrained by volume, which means a negotiated process for blocks, packages of stock or smaller estates could add value for the seller. And because we care about tenants, we ensure that no one is forced out their homes through the acquisition process.

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